Exit Survey
RMRA Member:

This site is being used to record all volunteer hours within the park. When you have completed a volunteer task, please fill out the form to record your hours.

The volunteer program hopes to achieve a fair, equitable system which benefits the membership as a whole by minimizing RMRA expenses from professional contracting of work to private companies/persons.

All members are expected to volunteer their services. The board realizes that there may be cases where due to either medical, priority or personal reasons members may not be in a position to offer their services. In such cases, those members should notify the board and offer commensurate benefit to RMRA and its membership in form of other tangibles or the deemed monetary value of $10/Hr for the required hours.

Volunteer Coordinator – Provide recommendations to board in matters of the voluntary system and its policy. Monitor and adjust Task allocation in cooperation with Task Captains. Assist board in planning work requiring volunteer support.

Task Coordinator – Works with volunteer coordinator plan task(s), tracks hours of volunteers and provide validation of hours entered by members.

Commensurate Benefit – Things other than labour can be deemed acceptable as an alternative benefit in lieu of volunteer hours worked, for example serving on a committee, information gathering for approved projects. Things acceptable by the board may change periodically. It is up to the board to determine what is deemed acceptable and its equivalency value in terms of volunteer hours. Donating a piece of equipment or needed supplies (e.g., lawn tractor, wire, conduit) would also be considered for credits.

Eligible Hours - As a general guideline of eligibility – Volunteer time will be credited if it benefits RMRA and a majority of its members. Work must be on
approved task list or pre-approved by the Volunteer Coordinator to be eligible for volunteer hours. An adhoc effort or arrangement with other individuals (not with RMRA) will not be credited.

Volunteer Items
1. Large tasks or ongoing tasks will be assigned a Task Coordinator
2. Task Coordinators will attempt to schedule work at least 1 week ahead of time to allow enough time for assignments from members. This will help members get equal opportunity to volunteer assignments.
3. Travel time, work paid for by RMRA or work on your own site or another members site is not eligible.
4. All volunteer time must be entered electronically (follow link on RMRA website) ; any member without a computer or internet access will need to ask another member to enter their time for them.
5. Hours submitted after season cut-off (October 30th) will not be credited to the current year and can, if requested, be carried over to the subsequent year
6. If there is a service, hazard or drainage problem on your site, contact the Board to have a solution approved, particularly if you think there should be some reimbursement of expenses. If it is a utilities problem, a solution or change MUST be approved by the Board.
7. Volunteer hours will not be credited unless deemed eligible by the Volunteer Coordinator. Members may suggest to the Volunteer Coordinator other tasks for eligibility consideration and board approval.
8. Volunteer hours are not considered as private information and will not be considered confidential.
9. A member’s friend and/or family may contribute to hours worked as long as agreed to by the Volunteer Coordinator.
10. If a conflict exists with the hours claimed by a member, the decision of the Volunteer Coordinator shall be final.
11. Members can designate another members site where up to 15 hours of their surplus hours will be credited once they meet their own requirement.

If anyone has any problems, please e-mail Perry at perryn58@gmail.com or Scott at scott.k.edelman@gmail.com

We appreciate your time!!

Your fellow members and the RMRA Board